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Recently, we were highly honored to do a transforming makeover of Painting, Interior Redesign and added additional furniture and accessories for our local Women’s and Children’s Alliance Secure Shelter for victims of domestic violence.  When we saw the picture of their meeting and counseling room, we felt compelled to ask several local businesses and people to help us with this special project.  During these challenging economic times, their generous response overwhelmed us and deeply touched our hearts.

We want to list all of the businesses and people who donated their time and supplies.  Join with us in thanking them for making this transformation a huge success!

  • A WINDOW WITH A VIEW, Vickie Cardoza, Eagle, ID, donated two creative window treatments.
  • BOISE PAINT & GLASS, Brice & Francene Katula, Boise, ID, donated five gallons of high quality Benjamin Moore paint.
  • NEEF’S CARPET ONE FLOOR & HOME/ARTISAN CARPETS, Margo Neef, Sarah Cunningham & Anna Butcher, Boise, ID, donated two beautiful area rugs.
  • COMMERCIAL HOME FURNISHINGS, Tracey Stone, Boise, ID, donated a beautiful coffee table and two table lamps.
  • ELAINE AMBROSE - MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER & AUTHOR, Boise, ID, donated 90 of her published children’s books.
  • EWOMEN NETWORK BOISE, Christiane Waters, Boise, ID, showed the “The Glow Project” DVD movie at our monthly eWomen Network Meeting.  One of the points highlighted is that we as women do not like to ask for help.  We sometimes think we can balance life, work and family without asking for help.  After seeing this movie, I was motivated to ask for help and share the vision of this upcoming WCA Redesign Project.  To learn more about this movie, go to
  • EWOMEN NETWORK FOUNDATION, Lisa Purvis, Dallas, TX, donated the “The GLOW Project” the DVD movie.
  • HOME DEPOT #1809, Sandie Royce & Dana, Eagle, ID, donated a $25.00 gift certificate for spray paint and great advice.
  • JOHNNA JOHNSON - MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER & AUTHOR, Boise, ID, donated special handmade inspirational stones for the women’s gifts.
  • MODEL HOME FURNISHINGS, Samira Harrison, Eagle, ID, donated a beautiful new chocolate brown leather sofa.
  • PIER 1 IMPORTS #1444, Michelle Trombly, Meridian, ID, donated several of her personal children’s books for the WCA Children’s Library.
  • PIER 1 IMPORTS #1444, Teri Setebacken, Meridian, ID, donated her encouragement and assistance on our purchases for this Redesign.
  • PIER 1 IMPORTS #0722, Celina Sosa & John Lewis, Boise, ID, donated their encouragement and assistance on our purchases for this Redesign.
  • RED LADDER DESIGNS, Megan Hoiosen, Eagle, ID, donated 30 crayon packs for the children’s gifts, wrapped the children’s gifts and assisted with the Redesign.
  • RICHOCHÉT HOME CONSIGNMENT, Marcia Elguezabal, 5777 N. Glenwood St., Boise, ID  83714, donated a lovely rattan love seat.
  • SAM’S CLUB #4940, Justin Kallias, Nampa, ID, donated quality food for our volunteers.
  • ST. VINCENT DE PAUL THRIFT STORE - STATE STREET, Vicky Rowell, Boise, ID, donated additional accent furniture pieces.
  • WALL WORDS, Jackie Young, Tustin, CA, donated three special wall words.

A very special Thank You goes to our family members:

  • Greg Gardner (Brother-in-Law) donated spray painting for all the rattan furniture, accent tables and installation
  • Cindy Gardner (Sister-in-Law) donated gift coordination and redesign assistance.
  • Grant Gardner (Nephew) donated hand-made plaques for Wall Words and Redesign assistance.
  • Dan, Irene and Chris Woodworth donated Painting, Redesign work and coordination and completion of this event.  They also donated the accent pillows, colored seat cushions, wall décor, accessories (florals and linens) and additional gifts for the women and children.

Testimonials from the WCA Staff

Dear Irene,

Susan and I just returned from a trip to [the shelter] to see with our very own eyes the job that you did on the multi-purpose room last weekend.

We received such glowing reports from Christine about your work that we had both been anxious to see it for ourselves!

Words can really not describe the transformation that you orchestrated.

During the first month I joined the WCA as Executive Director, I attended a couple of meetings in the multi-purpose room.  It was so cold, sterile, and unattractive – just functional, nothing more.

Now it is a delight to be in that room.  In fact, Susan and I had to drag ourselves back out of the room to head back downtown to our offices!  Your use of space, and how you have carved the room up so that even the children have their own “nook” is just wonderful.

You definitely went well “above and beyond” with the work you did – not just transforming the room, but also bringing in the special gifts for our clients and autographed children’s books.  You are an amazing woman and we are so grateful that you chose to use your talents on behalf of our clients.

I heard from Christine that you wanted to go back out to Serena’s house to take some photos – if you could let me know when you plan to do this, I would love to see if I can meet you out there so we have a chance to visit – and I have a chance to thank you in person!

Thanks again,

Beatrice Black - Executive Director
Women’s and Children’s Alliance

I personally, was speechless when I walked into our gorgeous new meeting room yesterday morning.  Your team did such an amazing job!  I love every detail – the pictures, the flowers, the little red tables, the rugs, the gorgeous furniture, the word-signs – all of it!  I’m thrilled to meet in such an inviting space.  For our residents, having a welcoming environment to talk about difficult things in makes sharing and healing feel safer and more hopeful – so thank you for such an amazing and generous gift.  I’ve only peripherally been observing the unfolding of your project, but I heard you were able to motivate several others in our community to contribute – we all love that power of influence and are so thankful to have your support!

Today we’ve also been handing out the gifts you left for the residents and their children.  We’ve been passing around a thank you card, and I don’t want to spoil what they said by sending it in type to you. Overall, though, everyone is very thankful for the fun and thoughtful gifts, and their words are on their way to you.  Children have been coloring all afternoon, and I have watched one young lady re-apply her Hannah Montana lip gloss at least three times in the last two hours.  Every one of them have grinned and said thank you many times to receiving an unexpected gift.  I’m sorry you can’t see their faces for yourself, and I appreciate your understanding about our need for confidentiality.

Thank you so much for the fantastic work you do in our community and for the touching gifts you have given us!

Jaime Cain, BSW - Residential Operations Manager
Women’s and Children’s Alliance

The room turned out beautifully and Irene clearly has a skill that is unparalleled.  Her color scheme and arrangements are incredible, and, add to this the wonderful donations of furniture and decorative touches…lamps, pictures, small vases.  The room just looks great! What more can I say!

The residents want to get a card so they can all sign it and express their gratitude.  Irene really touched them deeply.

It was all worth the time and experience.  Irene is a WINNER in my book!

At a later time Christine said...

I was at [the shelter] when Susan and Bea came out and it was great fun to “see” them see the room for the first time. I know they have each sent you emails, so you know their sentiments.

What I can tell you is that the counselors reported some of the residents were near tears (and ALL OF THEM WERE THRILLED with the meeting room) when they saw it Monday morning.  The space and furnishings are all you expected them to be:  both lovely and functional.

I got to see some of the books being handed out and the reaction of the residents.  I can tell you they were surprised and touched and grateful for the thoughtfulness.  Today, I saw one of the resident’s with her child as they walked by the office and the little girl was clutching her new book with such a smile on her face.  It was great to see this.  Better still to know your wonderful efforts helped bring it to fruition.  Give yourself a great big hug.  You did well!

Christine Garner - Director, Administrative Services
Women’s and Children’s Alliance

Irene, Christine sent us this email about the redesign, which Bea and I just saw today!  It is just beautiful!  Bea took photos to download to our common drive so everyone at the WCA can see them room whether they work at Serena’s House or not.  She’s going to be emailing you her thoughts and appreciation today.

For me it was hard to believe it was the same room I last saw.  Every item was obviously very carefully selected and planned—I particularly loved the word wall.  Chris told me the frames were handmade. 

The rugs, cushions and throw pillows added so much to the room.  (Even though I was there with my boss :-), it made me want to sit down and just soak it in.)  Everyone who sees the room says the same thing:  “Wow!”

Thank you so much for your passion for the WCA and for donating your talent, connections and resources to this very special project.

Susan Kelley - Director, Community and Fund Development
Women’s and Children’s Alliance

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