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Irene Woodworth, Motivational Speaker, Consultant and Trainer works with individuals and organizations to sharpen and increase their effectiveness and productivity through creative training that results in team building and leadership skills.

Customized Spouses Programs:
Color Interior Redesign Home Staging
Budget Decorating Workshops

Various Decorating Classes & Seminars:
Decorating On A Dime!
Secrets To A Sensational Room


Reviews from Public Speaking

“Wow!  THANK YOU so much for inspiring us with your life story.  The images you created in our minds about colors have refused to leave my mind since last week.

I heard others say that your story challenged them to re-evaluate their circumstances, figure out what is holding them back and then plan and prepare for a better future instead of letting the past be their obstacle.

Irene your presentation skills are outstanding.  You captivated us with your gestures, word pictures and ability to follow your heart onto a threshold of better and greater experiences.”

Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku, President and CEO - Kituku and Associates, Boise, ID


“Irene, your presentation skills were spectacular!  The confidence you projected left no doubt in my mind that you were an expert on your topic.  You address the audience directly, had wonderful eye contact and moved around the platform with ease.  Dr. Kituku conveyed to us that ‘confidence and preparation are bedfellows’ and your presentation confirmed that for me.”

Ben Lopez, Vice President and Manager of Community Affairs - US Bank, Las Vegas, NV


“Thank you, Irene, for your wonderful presentation to our employees at our Employee Appreciation Event today!  Your slides of room transformations were spectacular!   I, personally, want to thank you for your delightful presentation — I have received a good deal of praise for asking you to come! I'm hearing that this is the best event ever.  We now realize there is hope for our cluttered, tired rooms.  As the summer unfolds, I expect to hear more stories of real change in the homes of our employees as a result of your gift to us today.”

Joanne Ax, Management Assistant, Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI)


“I want to thank you for coming to Centennial High School and presenting information on design styles to the Interior Design Class.  Your presentation was extremely interesting with your visual lesson.  The students could see for themselves the concepts that you presented.

You gave practical information that they could apply to their lives now and in the future.  I liked the idea of a one day make-over.  It makes it attainable for more people.  Your presentation was just the TV shows we all watch for the before and after results of the designer touch.  I appreciated your explaining how design skills and knowledge can direct them to a very interesting career.”

Carolyn Staker, Interior Design, Family & Consumer Science Teacher,
Centennial High School, Boise, ID


“Idaho’s 82nd Annual Convention was a great success, and we appreciate your contribution to our annual event!  We had many positive comments regarding your presentation – and we’re sure that the ladies left the class with a number of decorating options to try out in their own homes.  We look forward to future workshops.  The ladies said you were outstanding!”

Wendy Tippets, Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Idaho, Inc.


“Thank you very much for presenting at our monthly Physician’s Office Manager’s Council.  It was very entertaining and informative!”

Beth Vance-Wehrli, Saint Alphonsus Hospital – Physician Support Services, Boise, ID


“Thanks again for speaking at the Women’s Council of Realtors.  You were a hit!  Your presentation was very informative, as well as entertaining.  I loved it!”

Janeen Sanchez, Realtor & Women’s Council of Realtors of Canyon County, Idaho

Reviews from Seminars

“Irene is such an inspiration and enthusiastic instructor.  Her energy is contagious and professionalism is top-notch.  The field trip to our store was just like the televised programs; people moved fast and made quick decisions.  What a fun evening!”

Hope Ryan, St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store Community Relations, Boise, ID


“Do I have a testimonial for you!  Mr. and Mrs. Dan Schultz were taking classes during the summer sessions at the Parks and Recreation Art Department this summer.  Mrs. Schultz took an art class from me while her husband took the ‘Interior Redesign 101’ class at the same time.  Mrs. Schultz came to my class and said she could not believe what her husband had done to her living room.  He transformed it by rearranging the furniture.  What he had learned in just a few classes he put into action.  You would have to see it to believe it!”

Shelley McCarl, Boise, ID - Art Instructor at the City of Boise Parks and Recreation


“I thought the City of Boise, Parks and Recreation Color Inspiration class might help me decide on the color I would like to paint.   This would also get me out of the house and among some other women, as I was babysitting my granddaughter who is now two years old.  I was quite excited to attend the class as I have been carrying on a conversation with a two year old and a one year old border collie for some time now, I needed some female companionship.  I was not disappointed.  The class was interesting, and needless to say, Irene has a quite a sense of humor.  I left that day with a smile on my face.”

Wynette Shearn, Retired Insurance Administrator, Nampa, ID


“I was a student at the recently held ‘Interior Redesign 101’ Class sponsored through the Boise City Parks and Recreation Art Department.  Our teacher was Irene Woodworth.  This was just an awesome class.  We had a great time and learned a lot, with Irene's hands-on approach to teaching.  The field trip to St. Vincent De Paul felt just like being on HGTV (Home & Garden Television).  Irene is a top-notch teacher with her interactive style.  I would take the class all over again!!!  I sure hope you will have her back to teach other things this fall.  Thanks again for the class.

Mary Ann Olsen, Accounting Executive, Meridian, ID

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